Welcome to the R.I.R Raceway League website we are happy your here this is dedicated to all of the stock car racers in secondlifes R.i.R Raceway community we post all race info on this site for the season races. if you are interested and have not been involved in it yet come to secondlife and use the search tab to find us @ R.I.R Raceway. R.I.R is sponsored by The Racers, Toone Racing , Happy Endings , Grid Wide Raceway & The Shabby Apple.(Doobeedoo Littlething) Who puts all racer tips into the sim.   Thank you all for your support.......                                                 

 Come to Grid Wide For Early Time Races.

          Stop By Happy Endings For All Your Second Life Designs

            Come To The Shabby Apple For All Your Gacha Needs

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